Methods of Application

  1. Apply online by visiting our rentals page.
  2. Print application complete in full and deliver to us by:
    • Fax – (805) 781-6072
    • Email –
    • Deliver in person to our office – 2241 Broad Street, San Luis Obsipo

Rental Application Qualifications

Rental eligibility is based upon:

  1. Positive Credit Report
  2. Minimum of 5 years positive rental history.
  3. Employment verification by employer and/or pay stubs or W-2. Verifiable income must be no less than 3 times the amount of the monthly rent.
  4. No convictions for any crime that involved an offense against property, persons, government officials, or that involved firearms, illegal drugs, and criminal street gang activity or sex crimes.

Any false information submitted on an application will be cause for automatic denial.

More Helpful Information

  • All Applicants 18 years of age or older must fill out an application and pay a $30.00 processing fee. A valid Social Security number is required to complete processing.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • All persons who will reside in the dwelling for more than 2 weeks/year are required to submit a separate application.
  • Acceptance of an application does not mean the application will be approved.
  • Available rentals are not on a first come first serve basis. Approval of an application does not guarantee or imply an offer to rent any specific dwelling.
  • Upon acceptance of an applicant, the applicant will be asked to sign the rental agreement, and pay the security deposit. The security deposit must be paid by cashiers check or money order.

Co-Signers – FAQ

Why do we need a co-signer?
Management Companies will often ask for a co-signer when the tenant applying for the property does not meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Do I need to sign the lease?
Only the tenant(s) residing on the property will sign the lease. Co-signers only sign the co-signer agreement.

I am not comfortable giving out my personal information, how will you protect my information?
All documents are safe guarded in a locked cabinet, and are only used when needed (which is almost never). The documents are destroyed at the end of the tenancy.

What are the limits of my obligation?
A co-signer is responsible for all of the obligations of the tenant under the terms of the written rental agreement.

How long will I have to be the co-signer?
The commitment of the co-signer lasts until the tenant has moved, AND has completely met his/her obligations of the rental agreement.

Will I receive notifications of non-payments?
Notifications are only written, and served to the tenant(s) on the rental agreement. However, it is typical for us to contact the co-signers if we do not get a response from the tenant(s) after a notice has been served.